Friday, August 8, 2008

Queen LeGresse

Her name is Queen Legresse; wife of the mighty Warpin and Mother of the Waterbirds.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Warpin, King of the Water Birds; the newest addition to the animal world of King Fran and Algebra. As is the case with Algebra, I'll have to come up with a backstory for this guy. Three characters.. Im getting up quite a population, eh?

Just occurred to me that.. since Fran's people have wings and they live in the water.. well, they could be considered water birds too, eh? Still, Warpin is not their king. All Hail Fran!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

King Fran

It seems that I was mistaken in my previous post. I had not, in fact, uploaded a picture of King Fran, my flying frog. A little info on Fran: His full name is Francine. He refuses to use his full name, and due to his exceedingly hot temper, anyone who should call him by his full name, accidentally or otherwise, is very likely to get hurt. A note on the picture: I colored the original with colored pencil. I wish I hadn't. It looked.. alright at best. I wish I'd had the Copic Markers that I used to color Algebra at the time. Anywho, since I hated the color, I tweaked it a bit in CS3 and made it into a little logo for myself, though I've never actually used it. Hope ya like it; more to come soon I hope.


It all began when I decided to draw a frog with wings: King Fran. It came out alright, and I believe I have a picture up here somewhere, but the point is, one day, as I was showing the picture to my Grandma, she asked very facetiously who his subjects were. She then went on to suggest math and english before I got the pun. So, I decided that I would draw King Fran some subjects. Algebra will be the first. I may have to think up some sort of backstory eh?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Colorin Again!

Her name is Meliae.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time is money.

I know I haven't posted any updates in a while, but I'm comforted slightly by the fact that I seriously doubt anyone has noticed, what with no one knowing this page exists. At any rate, I'm currently working on a few sculptures, and as I keep switching back and forth, I'm not actually finishing any of them; more interesting, though. As they say, time is money, and I'm doing my best to waste as much as possible to please you, the reader... anyone out there?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


A dark brown leather coat trailed behind him as he picked his way over the red rocks of the mountain, glancing furtively behind him every minute or so. His hair was wispy, grey, and shoulder length, and blew madly about is head even in the lightest breeze. At best it could be said that his skin was pock-marked, but there were many who would argue that his face consisted of a mass of craters with a few patches of pale, flaky skin in between. There were more who refused to comment altogether. His hawkish, crooked nose bespoke a youth brawling in taverns, and there was what appeared to be a knife scar just below his left eye.

He turned slightly, his lip curling into a snarl as he sniffed the air behind him once, then again. His old leather boots crunched on the gravelly rock as he stopped, slowly kneeling. His right hand, gloved to the knuckle, swept through the dirt, a handful of which he brought up to his face, his fingers working back and forth, as if trying to get a feel for the earth between them.

He sniffed again.

A parched, dry tongue slid from between his cracking lips, and he drew it slowly, deliberately, across the dirt between his thumb and forefinger, making a sound like nothing more than sandpaper on wood.

He lowered his eyes pensively, and they swung slowly from left to right before he raised them again. He stood, dusting his hands, and pulled back his coat at the waist, revealing a pouch tied to his belt. He loosened the draw, feeling around inside with dusty fingers, and after a moment seemed to find something that suited him.

“Not many left,” he muttered to himself, “must be careful then, until I can make more.”
He pulled his hand from the pouch, his fingers concealing a small object as he drew the strings closed once more. What he brought before his face was a small stone. He licked it once, thoughtfully.

“Still good.”

The stone did no more or less than contrast entirely with everything about him and it might have been more accurate to say it was a gem. It was yellow, but somehow more so. One might have said it glowed, but of course that was impossible. The stone was transparent, and at the very center was what looked like the shape of a lightning bolt. He squeezed the stone contemplatively, and then tossed it unceremoniously down the hill behind him.

“Back to the Earth with yeh,” he said in a tone that spoke of frequent repetition, and he hiked up his dirty trousers, making his way up the hill once more. “Wouldn’t want ta be about when that went off,” he muttered.

The breeze whistled quietly between the red rocks. He thought he could hear the sound of men and horses in the distance.